Zwift Power UPG label when categories were not supposed to be pace categories?

I recently completed the Zwift Insider Badge Hunt Four Horsemen loop and afterwards was disappointed to see my result in the Filtered results with UPG next to my name.

My understanding from the description was that the specific groups were not pace categories and were just to break up the start times. But since I selected “C” the smallest category to reduce computer glitches and I am a “B” level rider I received the UPG acronym.

Is this a common problem on Zwift Power? Should I always pick B just to avoid this happening or is this a glitch that I shouldn’t worry about in the future? Thanks for your help!

Here’s the text from the event info:

“ Note: we’ve set up multiple categories to keep group sizes smaller and reduce glitches from large pelotons. Join any category you’d like, but if you’re concerned with your device handling heavy traffic, look for the category with fewer riders. All riders will be visible on course, regardless of category.”

Sounds like Zwift set up the event incorrectly on Zwiftpower, dont worry about it, they might even fix it so you won’t have a DQ.

ZwiftPower’s days are numbered, don’t worry about it. The entire reason for it to exist has been extinguished.


Interesting. Why do you say that? The data is a treasure trove. I can understand why they don’t include all of that data on their main apps - it would turn off probably 80% of people, but it would be a shame to lose access to it. Especially if they continue to neglect to provide an API for external sites.

See here: Community Welfare and Anti-Harassment Update [April 2021]

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