Zwift Power - TTT Live/Fit File Data


A number of us have had issues recently with Zwift Power not updating to pull the fit file data over the last few weeks TTT’s. There have been quite large discrepancies from the live data to what’s been recorded in the fit file (which I can see when looking at my second power source analysis).

Is there any way this data can be forced. As per my ZP profile, every TTT entered is still showing the green lightning bold - [Zwift Power - David Goodall (CRYO-GEN Terns)


I am exactly the same. Data from the last 2 TTT is incorrect due to showing live data and not pulling the .fit file. My profile is public and so are all activities.

I’ve added my last 2 .fit files in my analysis page on my profile.

Id: 131893

Lee Christie (CRYO-GEN Terns)

I have the same issue, I am the only one from a race this morning that still has live data. Every one elses results were ready soon after the race had finished. My profile is public. ZP id 2761529

I’m locking this one only because we have current discussion going on around this issue, and would like to keep the info in place for us and you.

Check it out here.