Zwift Pod Disconnecting at Higher Speeds

Hi all,

Zwift Run Pod user here. I have enjoyed the pod and running with it. Overall, I’ve had a good experience with some minor bugs here and there.

The last couple of time I’ve run, however, my Zwift pod disconnects or does not compute at higher speeds. Anything over 8.7mph. If I set the treadmill to 11 mph, my speed on the app will go up until about 8.7mph and then start to drop down to 5mph while I’m continuing to run fast.

I’ve tried removing and replacing battery, restarting app, trying a new run, etc. I’ve gone up slowly in speed. Went to 8.5mph and then slowly increased speed, and the second I reach a certain speed, it just starts to drop.

The second I lower the speed back down to say 7mph, the connection picks back up and is accurate. There is no message saying device connection failed at higher speeds, the speed just drops.

I deleted my latest calibration and attempted to recalibrate but the footpad was not recognizing that I was running at 9 mph…

What I’ve noticed is that sometimes my pod shows a red light, but upon further inspection, it flashes green when I tap it to check battery life.

The battery is not dead, and the device is new (less than 3 weeks old).

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hi @Steven_Gooler

Seems this is the first time you’ve posted a new thread here on the Zwift Forums. Congrats on that, and welcome!

That’s an interesting issue you bring up regarding the RunPod. Is it possible for you to calibrate the RunPod at a higher speed than 9 mph? Say, 10 or 11 mph instead?

I know that might be asking a lot because that’s fairly fast, but I’m curious if calibrating at a higher speed will resolve the issue, which (if I’m understanding you correctly) only seems to happen once your treadmill reaches a higher speed like 11 mph.

Regarding the lights on the RunPod, as I understand, when the lights on the RunPod blink green (approximately every 3 seconds), it means it’s connected somewhere.

Tapping the RunPod brings a battery level:
battery 100-60% = Full - Green, 60-30% orange, <30% red.

If you’re seeing the red light despite having replaced the battery very recently, I have to wonder if you’ve got a faulty battery in there or worse case scenario, there might be something defective with the RunPod.

EDIT: Also, I almost forgot to mentioned there’s this article, which has several troubleshooting steps which might help. Take a look at that if you haven’t already.

If trying another new battery doesn’t help and you’re still seeing the intermittent red light, I’d suggest you send us a support request, and a member of our tech support team will be happy to troubleshoot this issue further with you. You can reach us here.