Zwift run pods drops

I put a new battery in my run pod before this run as it died on a previous run so that should be okay.

The run graph posted shows 1:30 minutes at 7.2mph, 1min @ 8.6 then back down to 7.2 with 3 min walk recoveries.

Now on to the problem. When running at around 7mph (one first interval) my speed will randomly drop to somewhere between 4 to 5mph or spike to over 8 although I never actually change my pace. When running at 8.6 it stay pretty constant and there are no problems.

When the second 7.2 interval starts it stays pretty good without much trouble (one exception on graph but otherwise good).

I tried calibrating it again but it errors out. This makes me think the issue isn’t calibration because I can’t calibrate because of the issue. It process the first 40 seconds fine at 8mph then tells me to set speed to 7.1. this is fine until it inevitably errors because it thinks I’m running to slow or too fast.

It’s also strange that it only seems to be a problem around 7mph and during the first interval but not the second at the same speed.

Any ideas?

Try calibrating at speeds away from 7mph.

You often get better results calibrating it higher than your normal pace and equally at slower than your normal pace.