Zwift Play never power off

Been using the Zwift play controllers for a week, during multiple races and workouts, without any issues.

Today after race, power off PC, the Play controllers never power down. Now a few hours afterwards, the controllers still lit green and refuse to power down. Never had this issue before.

Is there any way to manually power off?

Long Hold the lit up Z button until they turn off.

As above, hold down the “Z” button (the illuminated one). Also be careful where you touch them because they are quite sensitive to power on.

Did very long press, 20 sec but nothing happened.

Then I unplugged the USB-C charging cables from the controllers (been sitting in the controllers since I mounted them on the bike) then they turned off.

The USB cable on the other end was not plugged into anything though. All OK now. Maybe this is something that changed with the last firmware update.

I would say don’t leave the cables plugged in unless you need to charge them.

Please update your Play firmware to the latest v1.1.0. The LED should shut off when going into sleep mode whilst still on the charger.

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