Zwift play isn't connected correctly anymore

The Zwift play is saying its connecting, but it isnt. No functions of the Zwift play is working. The controllers themself are giving the normal blue colour (not the blinking blue colour) so they think they are connected. I’m sure they arent connected to any other device. It happened after previous update, the controllers where working for 1 zwift session and now 5 sessions straight they dont anymore.

I’ve got the same thing, even though the Play controllers show with a full bluetooth signal after I click the “controls” button - they just don’t connect.

I’m sorry but after 2 updates from the client I’m still experience the same problems. I can not use the Zwift play at all, now way longer than I could use it. Is there an update comming up or can I reset mine. Or can I send mine back and get a new one. Mine is worthless now.