Zwift play now not connecting to Android tablet

I purchased the zwift play controllers when first released. I use an android tablet to bridge to my PC. Initially connection was simple and connected every boot up. Now nothing but frustration and no connection. Tried re pairing, you name it. I’m a long time zwifter and have a good grasp on connectivity. This morning tried everything and no go, spilled my coffee all over the place in the process of fiddling with these $100 handlebar ornaments. Brilliant when working, and they worked perfectly for quite some time. I’m at a loss

Ok, something changed as I always paired the zwift play paddles to my tablet first, then booted zwift on my PC and all would connect, trainer-cadence sensor-HR monitor-and play controllers. Now I tried booting zwift first then booting the companion app and of course next the play controllers and all worked fine. Jeezumm I wish it would make up it’s mind!!