Zwift Play Controllers do not work after firmware 1.2.1 updatee

Play controllers sit at “Connecting …” perpetually. In game, Zwift thinks they are connected as I have the handlebar icon next to my name. But buttons and steering do not work at all. Now wishing I had not done the firmware update since v1.2.0 was working fine.

Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth. Zwift hub smart trainer and heart rate connect properly. The controllers are NOT already connected to my phone via companion app.

Does anyone have ideas for getting the ZP controllers working again? Can I revert to 1.2.0 firmware? Factory reset?

The only thing that changed from yesterday to today is the Play firmware version.

Thank you!

Since Zwift launched V1.47 i had no function anymore on the PLAY controllers. (only 1of2 got connection)
Even updated with FW1.2.0 and meanwhile V1.49, no change.
Today with FW1.2.1 both PLAY controller work as before.
Thx @Support

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Hi, I have exactly the same problem as you.

It was working perfectly with version 1.2.0. But since update to version 1.2.1, the programs sees the play controllers but remains at “Connecting…”.

I’m also on Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth.

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Hallo I have the same issue

before it’s working good with prior version 1.2.0. But after i had update to version 1.2.1, zwift app stay on Connecting forever…

Windows 10 PC + Bluetooth.

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Solution that I found (almost) by accident…
I was adding some other (non-zwift-related) bluetooth devices to my computer when I noticed the Zwift Play Controller L/R showing in the list of Windows Bluetooth devices. They should not be there; only the Zwift game should connect when the game is launched.

So I removed them (“Forget” device).

Now the Zwift Play Controllers work properly. I don’t know how they were paired with the Windows system. I can only guess it happened when I was updating the firmware and the Zwift game was not running.

So, if your ZP controllers stay in “Connecting…” state forever, open Windows control panel → Bluetooth and check to see if the controllers are listed there. If so, remove them.