Zwift Play connection not working Windows 10

I have the latest firmware for Zwift Play controllers and Zwift is up to date. I have had intermittent connection problems with the Play controllers, but when unable to pair I have used “Connect through phone”.

Today, this also caused problems as I had several power drop outs and I had to leave the race, reconnect power source and rejoin without working Play controllers.

Are there any plans to fix the connection issue for the Zwift Play controllers? Unless, I fear that the Play controllers was just a waste of money.

I don’t have any connection problems with mine, also in windows 10.

Are you using a bluetooth dongle on a USB extension cord so it is right under your bike?

try plugging them in to power while using them.

i have frequent drop outs but when i plug them in to power i have no issues.

Thanks Chris. This actually worked.

Next question. Will the connection issue be fixed so that I don’t have to have the controllers connected to a powersource while using them?

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Yeah, not sure why it works but it does seem to fix the issue.