Zwift play doesn't work

Hello @S_Tourangeau_JZQc ! Welcome to the forums. I’m sorry that you had this confusing experience. Apple TV is limited to 2 bluetooth connections that it can make, so Zwifters on Apple TV will need to select the “Pair Through Phone” option on the pairing screen in order to use the bluetooth antenna on their phone to send all bluetooth signals to Apple TV via your home wifi network. There are more details here on our Support Article, Using Zwift Companion As A Bridge.

In your last two sentences, it looks like you were able to connect more than two devices, but the Play were maybe not fully connected. We’re discussing this issue on another thread, where the workaround is to perform a hard reset, launch Zwift with the Play turned off, then pair one at a time. Please feel free to join the discussion if you are still having this problem.