Zwift play controllers stop movement in game

Help!! Why when connecting Zwift play controllers through Apple TV my speed drops to zero mph despite HR , power and cadence ALL showing on the screen display despite not moving even when putting 600w plus of power and I get left behind. When I go to the menu and disconnect the Bluetooth on the controllers I can ride like normal ( all be it without the use of the controllers) .Frustrating as these things have been pretty flawless until now. Checked and no updates are available incase it was a software issue…

Is the brake light on for your bike? It sounds like the brakes are on.


Brakes are not on pal… when I push my n the brake the rear light illuminates… it all started last week when the 2 new wahoo trainers was launched

Hi, thé samé issue on Mac with Wahoo kicker bike. I stopped using Swift play :face_with_raised_eyebrow: