Zwift play constantly fighting it going right

My Zwift controller connects initially, but after a while it decides it wants to go right and I fight with the left controller to bring it back.

What gives???

Sometimes calibration can help. Note that the documentation says to do calibration under the guidance of Zwift support.

Hi @Richard_Diggens_SB20, welcome to the forums!
I’m Fernanda from Zwift.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help you with your steering problem, I’ve gone ahead and emailed you and I’m connecting you to the right Community Support Colleague in Zwift Support, we will need to make some deeper investigation into your case, so this will allow us to share more information with you.

Please keep an eye on your email!

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I see the same (or a very similar) issue.

Early in a ride, (typically group ride, pacer group etc) avatar will move to the right. Using the Zwift Play left will move the avatar left. But then it moves back to the right again. This happens repeatedly and is usually reproducible at this point.

I also have a Sterzo, and if I use it to move left, that “fixes” the Zwift Play issue for the remainder of the workout/race/ride etc.

Hi @stuart_lynne appreciate the report! I’m Norman, it’s not really recommended to have the Zwift Play and the Sterzo paired at the same time, it gives unexpected results.

If this issue you describe happens when you only have the Zwift Play paired through Bluetooth, I’d recommend that you contact us so we can assist you!

Ride On.

Well, the ONLY unexpected result I have seen is identical to the original post. So unlikely to be caused by the Sterzo.

I hadn’t officially reported it because the Sterzo does fix it. So it is only a very minor annoyance. I could see that it would be a PITA otherwise as the steering not only becomes unusable, but the ride experience is significantly impaired.

Speaking as a low-level software developer, (I have been doing drivers for devices for about 35 years) I always welcome a new failure mode or in this case, something that affects a problem especially when it appears to “fix” it.

Hello @Richard_Diggens_SB20 and @stuart_lynne! I want to check to confirm whether this is expected behavior with the latest update. In Zwift version 1.69, automatic steering behavior was updated to help Zwifters take better advantage of drafting without constantly having to manually steer to draft someone.

When you experience this right-steering issue, is your avatar steering to get directly behind another Zwifter? Does the issue ever occur when no other Zwifters are near you?

I have never noticed it when not in a group.

That said, almost all of my warmups are in a pacer group, and when I see this issue it is early in the ride.

In other words, yes to group. But very rarely start riding except in a group. And (from memory) I don’t think I have seen once “fixed” when changing events.

Typically, join pacer group, see the problem. Fix it with Sterzo. Go on to race, to pacer to cool down etc with seeing it again.

not necessarily the same behavior as what others have mentioned, but I did a recovery ride today and noticed that when there was nobody around, Zwift consistently and sharply pulled me to the center of the lane, regardless of which side of the lane I was on (I noticed it happening both when I was on the far left side of the lane, on the double-yellow line, and on the far right side of the lane, nearly on the shoulder).

In my case, it doesn’t appear to be a problem with Zwift Play itself, as I had no problem using the controllers to move my avatar back to where I wanted it, and Zwift didn’t override the Play, so if I wanted to hold a button down to force myself to one side, I stayed there indefinitely. This seems similar to a problem we had a few versions ago where we were regularly forced to one side of the lane, I don’t recall the details on that one.

I thought I’d changed my settings to upload a video capture of it happening, but it doesn’t appear to have uploaded; if it’s an issue with Zwift I’m sure someone else will have a video capture for you.

This is very similar to behavior fixed in April. Perhaps Zwift could either stop “improving” steering or do some more rigerous beta testing. This was obvious to me starting Monday, and I said to myself there is another update. Sure enough later in the week. . .

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This is not a calibration issue. This is a “feature” Zwift added in the last update. I forget if it was Zwift Insider or GP Lama but they mentioned this in their video describing v1.69. After 10 seconds Zwift will now automatically steer you back to what it thinks is the best line.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work well at all when you are not in a pack, and is just annoying and gives the impression the steering is broken.

Zwift really needs to fix this, or give the option to turn this feature off. It makes using the Zwift Play unbearable on solo rides.

This new feature doesn’t work well at all when you are riding outside of a pack. It causes your rider to veer off the selected line. It really needs to be fixed or give the option to turn this off.