Zwift Play auto steers

I’ve done three days with Play. One day seemed normal, avatar stayed in the center portion of the road, but I could steer right or left. Yesterday my avatar was all the way right, today all the way left. In both cases I could steer away from the preferred side, but as soon as I released the steering button, the rider would snap back to the side of the road it preferred. I’m using Apple TV and Companion on an iPad Mini. Any ideas?

That sounds like a faulty controller to me since steering is still working. Try asking support.

I think it’s the problem reported from way back when steering randomly chucks you to one side. There are other threads on this.

Here’s one recent thread but there will be other much older ones - Bug: Steering twitchy behavior [June 2023]

Looks like this should be fixed soon:

I’ve notice on mine when I not actively using the paddles, auto steers pulls me to the right side, losing the draft every time. I will steer back into the pack, but then after a minute or two, it pulls me to the right again. Auto steer for riders without zwift play or other steering seems to keep riders in the pack (friends who have kickr bikes report the same issue of being pulled to the center of the road.)

I’m pretty sure my problem was related to a sick, left controller that final died - wouldn’t turn on. I have one ride with the replacement controller and everything is working fine.