Zwift pairing question

My brother and I are together for Christmas trying to ride in the same garage on these trainers.
Me - Tacx Neo 2T
Bro - La Mond Revolution

We can get both trainers going, but if he stops riding and restarts then his Zwift pairs with my Tacx without any warning or confirmation request - leading to mass confusion.

Is there some way to prevent his Zwift pairing with my trainer.

What are you running the Zwift app on and how are you each connecting?

Me - Running zwift on Macbook. Connecting via ANT dongle.
Bro - Running Zwift on Windows 10 PC. Connecting via ANT dongle.

If you can you might try extending each ANT+ dongle as close to each trainer as posible using a USB cable.
If that doesn’t help maybe running yours on BT and the other using ANT+.
Sorry I don’t have a definitive fix but a few easy things to try.