Zwift ONE, Zwift Click, Zwift Play issues

Bought Zwift Play when first available but found that I used Zwift Companion for most functions. Zwift Play on shelf.

Several months laster I bought Zwift ONE. Very easy to set-up and I like it better than my Wahoo KickR. Side benefit the One far easier to move around. Very satisfied.

Today the Zwift Click died after a 16 mile ride. Will not pair no matter which buttons I held down. Replaced battery. Still nothing. Blue pairing light never comes on. Never shows in paring screen in Zwift App.

Update 10 minutes ago: Now the Click responds to button hold-down with brief light followed by red then green light blue. Shows in pairing screen momentarily before the word “no signal” in red type overlay and then the Click again disappears.

Re-installed the Zwift Play. All the buttons work fine except the shifting buttons. The current gear is shown in the normal area in upper left. Pairing screenshot show both L&R are paired. The orange side buttons (usually) vibrate when pressed although not always and differently depending on where I press them. Very confusing.

Any ideas? Right now I have a $600 large paper weight…

Wish list: On-screen shifting buttons in the Companion app.

Hi @Dan_Neesley

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at your server log history going back a month or so, and t\here’s a few issues to untangle.

  1. I noticed that you’ve used an iMac, and Apple TV box, and an iPhone to log in to game. I suspect that’s more to troubleshoot your issue. Which one is your preferred device to run the main Zwift app? I’d suggest uninstalling the game app from the other devices to simplify your triage efforts.

On some occasions, I’m seeing you logged in from a second device while the first one is still logged in. This creates all sorts of weird issues, including the inability to pair to a trainer on device 2 because it’s already paired to device 1. If iOS and tvOS are your preferred platforms - be sure you save & exit the Zwift session and force close the Zwift app. Force-closing is not the same as swiping the app into the background.

  1. When Apple releases a major OS update it can reset your privacy permissions to the default (tighter) security settings. If that happens, you may need to reallow Bluetooth permissions for the Zwift main app. Here’s how on iOS and macOS. Please verify that the main app (and also the Companion app) have Bluetooth access.

  2. Once you’ve confirmed that the Companion app has permissions to use the Bluetooth radio, use Companion to pair to your Hub, Click, and Play and verify that all of those are using the latest firmware version.

If your Play has sat unused for months, it’s very likely that its firmware is old, and updating it to the latest version will give it the ability make virtual shifts. Would you try all of the above and let us know how it goes?

We communicated several years ago. Never did get my 25 Volcano laps badge restored and I’m 80 now can’t do it again.


My only problem is/was that the Click is dead. No blue pairing light when I press and hold a button, it flashed blue on the Click and then red.

I replaced the battery and still dead.


I did the Play update. Still no response in-game. It’s very confusing about the orange side buttons. Are there multiple button presses for different actions?

When I press on them I do get haptic feedback but not every time. In any event the gear setting never changes from the setting (12) from before the Click died.

Just what & where should I press to change gears?

I still need the Click replaced.



Please contact my Support colleagues to ask about for a replacement Click. We don’t handle issues on this public forum where we need to ask you for your private information.

To use Virtual Shifting on your Play controllers - use the long black textured paddles on the outside of the orange steering / braking paddles. The right controller increases resistance, the left controller decreases. See this thread for more info

Noiw that Virtual Shifting is a thing - I find that the ergonomics of the Play controller work really well when I rest my hands on the “shoulders” of my road handlebars. Then my fingertips are in easy reach of the shift paddles and my thumbs hover over the other Play buttons. YMMV with your particular handlebars, but give that a try instead of keeping your palms on the brake lever hoods.

Thanks for your patience. The upgrade isn’t expected since I hadn’t been sing them.

And your tip on hand placement is dead on. More thanks are due you.