Zwift on Mac doesn't upload activity

Hi Zwift,

I updated my environment to a Mac computer. Besides seeing some BLE issues - I will switch to ANT+, I experience that my ride isn’t uploaded when I end a ride. Furthermore the App just disappears.
In the activities folder a file is left behind
I already reinstalled Zwift and uninstalled on another Mac. No difference.
What kind of logs do you need to solve this issue? what else can I do.

I already invested like 3h into getting this to work. My previous environment
with an iPad just worked…

Thanks & Best

I just read about a 2km Minimum ride length before an upload takes place. Can somebody confirm this as my rides were quite short and below 2km.
Will also retest tomorrow to see if things will change.

Confirmed, but I would recommend 5km or longer for the test.

today my second ride was also not uploaded correctly. after 50min in a group ride it was a solo ride for me. i had the same issue some days before. Zwift runs also on my iMac but incorrectly. now its the second time that Zwift is hanging up after i want to save and upload the ride onto strata or Garmin. its a shame for Zwift. maybe somebody has an answer for me to fix the problem?!

I just did a short 3.3km ride which was uploaded successfully. Good news.

But still the app closes down without any further message and an inProgressAcrivity is left behind on the Mac.

Is that expected behaviour or is there something wrong?

Thanks & best