Strava Upload and App Freeze

I am running the Zwift app on my Macbook Pro while using the Zwift Mobile link app on my iPhone.  Connection is fine.  In game, I have several issues with lagging.  My ride today froze around the 15.7 mark on my macbook.  I tried to end the ride on the app by holding the end button until I had the option to upload to Strava or discard.  I selected upload but nothing happened.  I do have files within the Zwift folder in my documents.  The file is listed as  I was able to upload that activity.  When I log onto, the ride is not counting towards my miles logged or anything.

Why am I unable to auto upload?  My accounts are linked.  Why is my ride listed as an in progress activity?  Why is the ride not counting towards my miles logged?  How can I address the lagging?