Zwift on Elite trainer

I’m trying for a few days and the software doesn’t work with my Elite trainer. I went to the seller and he says it’s zwift that doesn’t work. I’m in between two fires… don’t know what to do. Why is the zwift cyclist stopping on the screen while I’m riding like a mad man at 30 KM/H!
It’s not funny to train in these circumstances. Please can you help me?

Hi @Stephan_Huegaerts

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We will need more information see : Guide to Getting Useful Support

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Thank you Gerrie, I’m working on PC windows 10 with the last zwift version and the trainer is Elite diretto. He finds the connection and everything seems to be alright but after a few minutes (seconds sometimes) the watts go to zero and the rider stops on the screen. It seems that the connection is not stable. It’s a bluetooth connection.

That may be your issue, most Bluetooth connections on Windows is not good especially those that are internal.

You could try to use the companion app as a bridge.


As many have found that using a ANT+ dongle with extension cable you will get the best results.


Thank you I’ll try