Zwift on Android phone doesn't find smart trainer

I don’t get Zwift (Android App) connected to my kickr 4.0 as Power source. Separate HR-monitor and cadence sensor will be found in the App via BT. First I thought the Kickrs BT module could be broken, but in Wahoos Fitness app I get connected. same in BKOOL app. Kickr, speed sensor, cadence sensor (all integrated in kickr) will be found.

I reinstalled the zwift app I few times with clear setting (allways cleared cache and setting in between)

on pc, with ant+, kickr as power source, cadence- and speedsensor will be found instantly.

but, due to some space issues, I want to use the zwift app on my phone.

any suggestions? :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks in advance


Not an Android Zwift expert, but do check the Kickr is not paired to your phone.

I did check all pairings. I even cleared all settings and cache before deinstalling the wahoo fitness app. a direct connection between the Kickr and my phone isn´t possible without an app.

Did the same with all other apps I had installed to test the Kickr e.g. BKOOL, Wahoo fitness app.

Wanted to try with IOS and Zwift app, but I don´t know anyone with an Iphone or Ipad. Seems I live in an Android universe :rofl:

I usually have to connect the trainer as a power source first then it appears in the controllable section. If i try and connect it as controllable without it paired as anything else it doesn’t appear in the selection.

In my case, the Kickr doesn’t show up as Power source at all.

Even if I wait a couple of minutes, it doesn’t show up.

On the other hand in BKOOL

Did you try to disconnect cadence and search for power?

The cadence sensor is a separate one, not the integrated one from the Kickr. Even if its not connected, the Kickr won`t be found

If you’re pairing via ANT+ there are a few bits of ANT software that need to be installed. See the Android FAQ for the details.

If pairing via Bluetooth - it’s possible that the trainer’s BLE signal is already bonded to another app. If you want to test this possiblility - temporarily uninstall any app that is seeking a BLE signal from a fitness device. It’s likely that it’s running in the background listening for a Bluetooth signal.

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If I can, I´d like to avoid using ANT+.

As I mentioned before, I deinstalled all other apps e.g. Wahoos Fitness app, BKOOL, even ZWIFT. On all apps, I cleared cache and downloaded data before deinstalling.

A freshly installed ZWIFT can still only connect to HR-Monitor and a separate cadense sensor over BT

Regardless the fact I don´t want to use ANT+, I followed your linked guide, installed all ANT+ apps. Still ZWIFT didn´t find my Kickr even over ANT+. I also tried an ANT+ dongle, of course I installed the necessary app, but still no pairing.

push :smirk: