Zwift not saving data. Changing stats randomly

So zwift is changing my stats. I guess power is not power?


Monday. Wtf?

Why use an app that changes stats based on nothing. Power is power. Did I do it or not?

Oops again different today. Wtf?

I have just about had it with zwift. Either get it right or I will find an app that can.

Looks like this might be a classic case of not force-quitting the app after each ride, or possibly being logged in on more than one device.

Check that: looks like you’re on Windows, not ATV. Might still be the multiple log-ins, but not the force-quitting issue.

So it’s user error? :joy:

I am not Force quitting between events when the app almost crashes every time I open it lol.

I hate to say it, but zwift is becoming an absolute joke.

No Apple optimization in generations and now this? What the hell are they spending our money on?

I have kept my mouth shut for two years over their bullshit lack of optimization for Apple devices and the fact that their program takes every GPU to 100% utilization no matter it’s a 1060 or a 4090. It’s a crap glitchy program.

Sorry but at this point is have had a few drinks and give no…

Is zwift driving this into the ground? It’s not funny anymore!

maybe related

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Look either I did it or not. Did I put out the watts for the time indicated or not? I calibrated the trainer and all. Is this all bullshit? Can I really put out the power I think I can?
Is the power it says I produce real? Is that true? is 1800 W for a newbie cyclist bullshit? I have been powerlifting for years.

RGT, the Saris app they all say the same thing. 1800watts peek. Am I just falling for game bullshit?

Again zwift doing what ever it wants. No kidding looked at my best stats 2 min apart and it’s different :joy:
I don’t guess it really matters either way because it’s a game but this should not be hard. I am too old to make this a thing but I would like to work my way up to 2000w 5 sec, 700w 1 min, and 400w 5min with an ftp of 2.5. It would help mentally when I make a new PR if it recorded it lol.