Zwift Devs, PLEASE allow us to reset stats!

I’ve been using Zwift since July 2015.  For the first few months I was riding rollers with zPower.  I had never used a real power meter before so at least the zPower was consistent and allowed me to compare numbers against myself.  Then, I switched to a Cyclops Fluid 2.  This trainer is great, and provides great resistance, but on cold days it would take literally a half hour to warm up.  So, the first few minutes riding with this thing would allow me to ride at 700-800 watts (according to zPower)  pretty easily for a few minutes while the thing warms up.  I didn’t at all want to be a flier… but putting in a few “800-1000 watt”  efforts would make it warm up a lot faster than riding around at a standard 200-300 watts.  

So, I ask for a stat reset because in March I did get a power meter and now all my wattage accomplishments are legitimate.  And they don’t measure up to even near any of my old zPower “accomplishments.”   So at that ending screen it says, "This ride, and then it shows the 10 sec, 30 sec, 5 minute and 20 minute wattage records and all the ones for my “best ride” on zwift.  So, the thing is all my old records from zPower are untouchable.  I’m never going to ride at 560 watts for 5 minutes on a real power meter but on zPower it was easy at the beginning of a ride.  

So zwift, pleeeeeeease give us a way to reset our stats for our records… ideally just away to eliminate zPower records.  



You can do that yourself. Just delete the folder \documents\zwift\cp


Hi Jordan, 

As Paul said, all you need to do is delete the “cp” file in your documents. :slight_smile:

Ride On!

Anybody knows where the" \documents\zwift\cp" file is on a Mac.

Uses a dumb trainer and get higher and higet watt an have to ride faster and faster.




I wouldn’t delete it also.

My suggestion: just zip it and leave it there.

You should be good in case anything goes wrong.