Power spikes - can I reset my stats?

As I am rather new to Zwift, perhaps this is common. During a ride, I experienced several sudden spikes in power up to 1100 watts (my FTP is 160 !). I did not save this ride, but it still has messed up my stats and also was awarded some undeserved badges. How can I reset my critical power info and these badges. Thanks!

Badges are permanent.

You can reset your stats by emptying the correct folder.

Thanks for your help. I will give this a try.


exactly the same with me. It is hopeless trying to race since the spikes (got the gigawatt badge with the same FTP as you!)usually precede or follow a period where the watts are low despite hard pedalling. Have you made any progress with this. Since I use Apple TV I am having problems getting a hold of the Zwift log file to see if it is broadband related or something else


Hi Jim,
Have not had any more issues with those power spikes, but I did have a period of about a week with the ERG mode not working, and loss of connection to my trainer (JetBlack Volt), both I think related to bluetooth issues. I did seem to resolve this by using the Zwift companion app to pair the trainer. Not really active on Zwift now as outside riding is now possible in Canada. I was also able to delete the file to correct my stats, but my undeserved badge is with me to stay unfortunately. All the best.