New Graph Profile Completely Wrong

My profile of all time maximum is completely screwed up.
1200 watts for 30 seconds? Never happened. Should be 700 or so
325 for 20 minutes? Should be 280
280 for 60 minutes? Once I did 250 on Ventoux in my prime.
These numbers were never achieved. How can they be corrected?
I once was given credit for 1200 watts when I did a ‘join zwifter’, but my max was 1014.
When I go to Zwift support, it is just a autotron ‘help’ articles.

Is this happening to others too?
Is there an email still for Zwift support?

Did you look back to when you had a dumb trainer?

After the recent update there was a day there where my all time maximum stats were zero. On my last ride those stats have come back.

It used to be that the stats were stored in the CP folder in your Zwift documents folder and simply deleting that folder would reset the stats.

I’m not sure if Zwift has changed something in the last update. Like for example, if your all time stats are now stored server side rather than locally in the CP folder. That could explain what has happened in your case if Zwift has gone back through all your activities and pulled out those maximums.

EDIT: This might be related, Power Graph Added to Zwifter Web Profiles | Zwift Insider

mine shows 2000 watts for about 5 seconds which, as much as i’d like it to be true, never happened

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That was in December. They still haven’t updated their docs telling people how to manage the CP folder, but it appears to be meaningless since then.

The CP folder is now redundant as all your information is stored on our server, irrespective of activity save or not. This means that if you want to delete your all time power numbers, you can no longer do so by deleting the CP folder on your local machine.

The good news is that your numbers will always persist and are less prone to disappearing since it’s on the server.

The bad news is that when you have incorrect or egregious power numbers due to something like a trainer not reading correctly, you don’t have the ability yourself to delete them like you did before.

We’re working on a way currently to allow you to do that, and we’ll have more details for you soon. For now, you’ll see some funky lines on the graphs.



Well, I appreciate that response. Thanks.
I started on z-power before I bought a power meter. (11/16 - 3/17)
But, I never rode the numbers on the graph.
Lol, is there a machine that can put out 1200 watts?

Please also consider use case of someone having trainer that read high and then switched to something more reliable.

Example: I started with Tacx Vortex in Jan 2021, then moved to Kickr Core in June 2021 and saw a sudden drop in power. It was then when I learned that the Tacx Vortex tends to read like 30 watts high! I have been able to improve my power numbers for anything below 10 minutes but those 10min+ “PBs” is what I will probably never beat.

One way around it without user inputs is to show “last year best” or “last two years best” instead of all time best.

Then combine it with check box under an activity that says “ignore power data for PBs” => have that feature and it works great.

I hope the long term plan is to allow you to choose the dates of comparison. For me comparing to my all time best is pointless as my training 8 years ago was drastically different to what it is these days.

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I raised this issue a few months back when the in game power curve started to use Zwift servers rather than the local CP folder. This was with game update 1.32. I had a Kickr years ago that read high and also decided to put out 2000w one day.

@xflintx you did reply to me back then and said it was being worked on, an eta would be nice. Now being 50, chasing power records from 6 years ago is not very motivating. I’m still trying though :smile:


I got a reply from Zwift HQ Support;

"Thanks for your reply! I’m sorry for all the trouble but happy to help you out!

It’s important for you to know this is a known issue.
I’ve checked with our team and they’re working on a fix to this issue with total and correct stats in the Companion app."

Why didn’t they admit this weeks ago?

Any news about that topic? I don’t like to see that weird all time numbers in power curve…

Zwift HQ deleted mine from their end. Took months though - really should be a way for the customer to do it themselves

Nope, after 3 emails to support, that option was not offered to me. They said they can’t delete that power records, so is no more I can do to get rid of It.

it was @Rowdy who managed to get mine reset - try reaching out to him, he’s been helpful with zwift play issues too. I think half the time with support it’s if the correct person gets to see the request

Hello Jamie,

Your all-time power numbers have now been reset to zero. As you create new bests, the pause menu will preserve your best numbers from today forward.

I will put in a feature request for the ability to view your best numbers from season to season. However, if you want to track your best numbers from the most recent 60 days (starting from today forward), you can view your fitness metrics on your Zwift Activity Feed ( More information can be found here in our Support article​. Enjoy the fresh start!

Ride On.
Rowdy B.
Zwift Community Support

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We can delete all time power rcords (this is a relatively recent thing). Drop me a message if you need yours doing.

(Sorry, I know I’ve accidentally replied to Jamie but I meant to reply to A Garrido.)


Perfecto! :ok_hand:


I think I don’t have enough privileges to send PM’s

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Email me -


OK, thanks for taking care of this issue.