2022 Critical Power Graph issue after update

Continuing the discussion from Zwift power curve is bad:

The Critical Power Graph is broken again for me after it was fixed around 18 months ago. I have what I believe is very old data back in my graph. Years ago I started Zwift on rollers with zPower. This was not accurate as I could maintain the maximum 400W with a high cadence. It was garbage data and I couldn’t up the resistance.

I bought a smart trainer and deleted my old data that had a flat horizontal section on the power curve at 400W.

Now my old data seems to have returned and the power curve is useless unless I delete all my years of Zwift power.

Anyone else suffering from the little issue?

After the update I cannot delete my old critical power curve. The old data is useless due to subsequent medical problems.

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If you have both tried resetting the data per Zwift’s guide then it’s very like the same cause as @oldnapalm discovered/mentioned in this thread …


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I have the same. I deleted the activity and still the chart is wrong. Have you managed to solve this problem?

Zwift has stated recently (privately) that this is a known issue.
(In other words it is Zwift’s fault)
I’m told Zwift has not lost your real power numbers.
They hope to fix it soon.
See: https://forums.zwift.com/t/new-graph-profile-completely-wrong/604425

I have had this fixed now. Zwift needed to delete my 5 years of power curve data. Now it is fine. A horrific fix but that is how they roll.

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