Wrong recorded power affects my critical power curve

My trainer / Zwift has recorded the wrong power one time since I started Zwifting in 2017. I don’t know when. This affects my critical power curve. The curve shows that I’ve had 2000 watts for a few seconds before it goes down to a normal curve.

I would like to find and delete the Zwift activity that contains the wrong reading, so that my power curve on Zwift is more correct.

Any tips to how I can find and delete the activity with max wattage of 2000 watts?


Ps: I am able to use the power curve on Strava (and on Garmin Connect), but it seems that these two integrations have discarded the high reading. I am not able to find it by sorting on max wattage here.

If this is a PC (or Mac I think) the file should be located in \documents\zwift\cp

Just delete the file with the date that the abnormal wattage occurred.

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Will Zwift assemble the power curve only from the files on the computer?

… in that case there will be different power curves if I use different computers?

Yes and Yes.

should not a rider’s power curve be part of their profile and the same on whichever platform the game is played?

Yes, should be.