correct kickr power errors in fit files

On a couple of rides this year on the first peddle stroke, kickr wattage went up to 2000 watts for 5 seconds. Clearly an error.  Unfortunately I didn’t restart the ride, so my power curve in zwift is now nonsense. In strava i was able to crop the ride and remove the first 5 seconds. Is there a way to correct this in Zwift, or would I have to delete the ride as a whole? would deleting the fit file for this ride correct the power curve in zwift, and fix the achievements?


To remove that you can delete the corresponding cp file in \Documents\Zwift\cp\user*****

No need to delete the ride or the .fit file and I also think you will still have the achievement since at the moment there is no way to remove them. 

I see the same thing with Zwift and a gen 1 Kickr. I did find that removing all the files as Paul mentioned started my power curve history over. I had no way to know which files had the bogus power entries (is there any way to analyse and sort them for high power anomalies?).

Not too many rides later I have a short duration anomaly back on the record again – 1,268 watts. I know I have not come close to sustaining 1,268 watts for any seconds on any recent ride.In the long run it would be nice to have a push button, easy way to identify and delete anomalies like that. SportTracks and Golden Cheetah software do that, I know.

Thanks Paul Allen - this worked.  Steve - take a look at what date your anomaly was set on (you could use strava to do so, not sure how otherwise), and then look for a CP file that was modified on that date .  I cut the file out of the directory and put it somewhere else and then checked the impact by ending a ride and viewing the power curve.  I assume it takes out any critical power points that were updated by that file rather than just a single time point e.g. 2 sec, but its better than having a naff curve.

Paul’s suggestion also worked for me. Thank you, Sir!