Can I delete critical power history? (overpowered by unlisted trainer)

Sorry for my bad English.

As you know,

After a riding, Zwift shows the comparing screen which is both of best effort and just finished riding effort.

Best effort(critical power) is gray number and line. Finished effort is yellow.

The problem is that I changed my trainer. Unlisted trainer to smart trainer.

When I used unlisted trainer, my power was recorded with too much overpower.

But now I face my real power. So…now my power is 250~130.

But the best effort power is almost 600~500 and 400 ETC… 

I am not able to reach this best effort. I’m not pro. I just can’t.

Can I delete this history? 


You can delete all the files in the \Documents\Zwift\cp\user***** folder and it will reset them all to zero.

SOLVED ! Thank you guys. 



Lindsay R. January 06, 2016 04:33

If you would like to reset your power totals, navigate to Documents/Zwift and delete the folder labeled ‘cp’. Be aware, though, that if there are any other users that ride on that computer, their power totals will be deleted as well.

Hope that helps!