Unable to reset Best Power - I deleted CP files

I need to reset all my personal best power records you see at the end of a ride. I followed Shane Miller’s Youtube and deleted all my CP files on my PC laptop. The files are all gone but the scores are still shown after the ride. I set those when I had an inaccurate wheel-on trainer.

Running latest game version on a PC with iPhone companion app.

Please advise

Those are no longer stored locally on your hard drive and instead are stored on Zwift servers. There’s been a few threads on this and I believe the general answer was Zwift was working on a way for users to reset data but nothing has come of it yet.

Same here. I contacted Zwift support. They said that they are aware of the problem and that they work on a solution. So far, nothing happened. No bug fix in the new version 1.33. Disappointing.