Ride peak values

After a ride we can see our actual best values , compared to our very best historical values, as well as our historical CP graph.
Some time ago i invited one of my friends for a test ride on my zwift. Although we did not save this ride and deleted it immediately, his maximal values were taken as maximal best values and i can not remove them. Is there any way to reset these values and the CP graph ?

You will need to contact Zwift so they can delete your friend’s ride.

As Charles mentioned there is no ride to delete, Gerrie.

What platform do you use? On Apple I think deleting and reinstalling the app is sufficient to reset „your best“ values.

That used to be the case when that info was stored locally on your device but somewhat recently Zwift started storing peak value data on their servers. The only way to get it reset is to contact Zwift directly asking them to do it.

I missed that memo. Thanks, James.

So, do we now need a button to delete those data values without the help of Zwift Support? :thinking:

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