My personal record records in Zwift

Hello, I can’t delete my personal record records in zwift through the CP folder, is there any error or solution to this?

One way of deleting your personal records I believe is to simply uninstall and reinstall the app, since this removes all your settings.

I’m not sure what the “CP” folder is (sorry, not very technical!), and you also don’t detail you’re trying to delete them or what error message you see/what happens when you try and delete them so can’t answer more specifically than this but the reinstall should do what you need even if its a bit of a hassle.

What you tell me I have already done and there is no solution. The same thing happens to another colleague. Deleted and reinstalled zwift and it doesn’t work.
I have the data of your personal record in the zwift /document/cp folder deleted and they appear again on the zwift home screen.El video Swift Zwift Tip: Reset Personal Best Power Numbers - YouTube

This was recently discussed in another thread. It sounds like PBs are no longer managed locally.


That sucks #$&@ if that is true!!!

I just spent an hour or two deleting my cp files from newest to older to find the one that gave the wrong 5 sec stat.

My Favero Assioma Duo pedels sometimes send a spike watt of 2000 watt when they wake up from sleep-mode so the stat goes up to 1600 watt for 5 sec.

Usually I just delete the latest cp-file in the zwift/cp folder under documents/Zwift but this time nothing happens. As I said, I delete one, one more etc for a long time but started to understand that this was not working anymore. So I deleted the whole cp folder but even that didn’t change the personel best stats.

So how do we reset the stats now?
Do we have to contact Zwift Support to do it?
W0W, they must love that after a trillion requests… Haha!

Hope this is just something temporary or a bug.

Thank you… And Merry Christmas to All of you

/Hans Bergsten

I know sweet FA about IT but possibly checking out this link may offer you an option - I don’t know.

If not possibly contact @oldnapalm and he might be able to elaborate further.

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Yes, I fixed it thanks to that link. Awesome stuff… :heart:Hex Editors :pray:t3::+1:t3:


hello hans, the same problem with my fabero duo and the maximum watts in 5 s. I also deleted the folder and reinstalled zwift. The data is in a cloud and I think Zwift support should be notified. Go brown for the company if everyone makes the claim. Merry Christmas

I have done what ian says and the hxd and everything else does not work