Bug: "Your best" power/duration figures wrong

My “your best” power numbers in Watopia today were completely wrong. I don’t know if they were someone else’s numbers, but whilst I wish these were my power-duration figures, I’ve never hit anything close to these numbers, ever.

I don’t share the device with anyone else, so this is not from another user’s local profile. The incorrect values persisted after a force-quit and restart of Zwift.

iPadOS if that makes any difference, fully patched and latest version of Zwift.

I seem to remember there was a post about this before - i’ll see if i can find it

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Cheers Chris, presumably not fixed / claimed fixed then? I did a search but there’s so many posts its hard to find stuff. I’ll try searching again too.

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I can’t really remember what it was - someone else might know? I have searched and also failed but it is at the back of my mind

there was an issue with Apple TV where “your best” power wasn’t saved and would reset, but this seems different.

Looks like the previous thread on this was deleted

Reference here

This one has a copy of an email exchange with Member Experience staff acknowledging problem and refers to the other thread which no longer exists.

And this one