Trainer Error Deleted Activity - Still Showing In Best Power

Hi, I did a workout on 9th November and during the workout my trainer had an error and recorded an unrealistic power (1200W+). I have deleted the activity from my account but the power in error is still showing up as my best 5 second power even though I’ve deleted the activity.

Does anyone know how I can have this data removed? I’ve tried contacting Zwift on live chat but have had no reply.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Bethany_McDermott, welcome to the forums!

If you are on a Mac or PC, you just delete the /documents/zwift/cp folder/directory and you get to start again on your PB’s shown.

I’ll see if I can find instructions for non-Mac/PC’s and update this post.

Edit: just found this

Same here. Zwift support is aware of the problem, but so far they offer no solution. :frowning:

Any reset of the best power data must be done by Zwift. Users have no way to control it any more.

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