Critical Power Reset

I’d like to be able to reset critical power curve. I’ve been off a year and want to start over or my weight was set wrong or my trainer wasn’t calibrated or a pro snuck into my house and did a crazy ride or …

Well; it is based on a 90 day rolling timeline…

If you have any major calibration errors, Zwift Support can sometimes help; but as for a full reset? Never going to happen. Too easy to abuse.

Email and explain what went wrong

Is it? Mine still shows data from about 3 years ago.

You might wish to read this thread and see if you can contact anyone from Zwift team who will reset for you. It was being worked on over a year ago, after Zwift made a change, but nothing has materialised so far.

Possibly @j4m1eb can let us know if his Critical Power chart was reset when his best power numbers were reset? Thanks

You may both be talking about different power graphs/charts.

The one associated with your zFTP and zMAP and category is best 90 days.

The One you see on end of ride report Critical Power tab is, I think, best ever power and last ride power. [ this is the one people ask to be able to reset when they feel they can never beat old PBs, for whatever reason (some typical examples given in OP)]

Yes. After a lot of back and forth Zwift did reset my all time power stats.

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ahh; good to know thanks for the clarification.
(I guess I didn’t consider that, as I never bother to look at the after ride report)

Just to say Zwift did finally reset mine. There was a time when the CP curve data was stored locally and could be deleted by the user. Then a while
Back the data started coming from server side.

For me this pulled in some 2000w 1-15s data from a trainer that malfunctioned 7 years ago.

So I finally got them to reset it.

I do feel a user should be able reset all time PBs as there comes a time with age where PBs are no longer possible. Would be nice to reset each season

Jamie, thank you.

Absolutely I agree with you, three figures for Best Ever, Season and last ride. Season obviously has to be reset by rider at their chosen new season point. If that becomes possible then they should also be allowed to reset their own Best Ever figures.

I come back each year after 6 months off. My target is to better my season bests and hopefully end each season as close to my lifetime best as possible. Having Season bests is much more important to me than lifetime bests which can easily be written on a piece of paper and looked at only very occasionally !

As with most things Zwift the best thing they could do is design features with individual customisation, toggle on/off, view yes/no, reset etc.

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