Zwift Power Curve PR Reset

I am trying to reset my my power curve because I have been off the bike during the latter half of 2022 after a bike wreck and just got the go ahead from the Dr. I know the my FTP has dropped. I was able to lower my FTP in the Zwift settings, but can’t get the power curve to reset.

Is there an updated method to reset the power curve?

I know in the past on the PC, you could reset the power curve by going to the documents folder and delete the “CP” folder. I have done this in the past with no issues. How ever now I deleted the “CP” folder and relaunch Zwift and the Power Curve is unchanged. I have tried this 3 different times. I do not use OneDrive so I know that isn’t causing the “CP” folder to be restored.

I also run Zwift on my Android phone, not at the same time, if that makes any difference.

I think if you know what you are doing around IT this link might help.

I’m not about to go through the 300ish posts on the Critical Power thread but pretty sure it was mentioned in there that your power data is now stored on Zwift servers and not locally. You may have to contact Zwift support about having them do it.

Thanks, I have emailed Zwift Support