Significant recorded power loss since data restablished on Zwift

Hi All
In recent weeks my recorded power on zwift as dropped dramatically, simultaneously with the data problem resolution, resulting in much slower times for me. I was never going to set the world on fire but I used to be able to set some competitive times and enjoyed the racing/game aspect of zwift. Now I just grind along until I get sick of it (bad in a game forum) or my knees get sore from over pushing.
Is there a way to reset back to my original settings now that the bug hiding data has been fixed ?
I’m certainly pushing just as hard until I get irritated after about 40-50minutes and my rides in the real world have not slowed

What data problem resolution are you referring to?

About a month ago active data while riding disappeared from my Zwift screen. Checking on line it seemed to be a common complaint and was being treated as a system problem. After maybe two weeks it resolved but my displayed power output and thus speed is much lower for the same effort

Malcolm Richards

I don’t recall hearing about that. What devices are you using, what trainer, platform, etc…

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Wahoo kickr with back wheel attached and Dell PC windows 10


Have you done a calibration and checked that nothing has changed with your setup? I.E. bearings running smooth, tyre pressure correct.

Thanks, the mechanics of the bike and trainer are all good and my wife who uses the wahoo app has not noticed a difference. I will do a recalibration on Sunday as time is tight until then and get back to you.

PS, thanks for the timely contact, I am both grateful and impressed

Thanks Stuart

And apologies for not getting back earlier, it’s impolite and busyness though maybe a reason is not an excuse.

I did calibrate and had not done so for months having completely forgotten the function , it seems to have fixed the problem.

I’m not sure how close you are with the Zwift folk but if they are handy it may pay to relace the drink and towel reminders for people like me with a reminder to calibrate if it has not happened in a while.

Thanks Again


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