Zwift not responding

All of a sudden in the middle of a ride zwift stopped responding and now no matter what I do it freezes when it reached the pairing screen.

I am on windows 10.

Things I have tried:

  • restarted my PC

  • Uninstalled and re-installed zwift

  • Renamed the zwift folder in documents


Nothing has worked. Help please…

  • Percival

What does it look like when you open Task Manager? Any programs spiking the memory or CPU?

Also check your internet connection.

Everything looks normal to me and internet connection is fine too.

I’m experience that Zwift is not responding when customising the avatar. Running on a Mac and have done the same troubleshooting steps as you have.

I have the same problem. I’ve done everything to solve it but I don’t find a solution, the pc-store neither. It happens while I am training. About 2 times an hour. It is very annoying because I make my one workout intervaltraining.