Zwift - not responding


Log in , paired as always was normal.

But few times on ride zwift stuck and not responding. So was tried to wait, but nothing is going. So I just turn off at task manager. 

Please advice what I need to do to work zwift stable without any surprises on ride. 

Windows 10 x64, CPU I5-4210U, 8GDRR3, SSD 240gb

I have the exact same problem. It happens all the time.

I ride for a while and Zwift gets stuck and shows not responding in the top left. 

It can happen after a few minutes or even over 40 mins.

I tried to wait and left it for over an hour but Zwift did not respond.

When Zwift does run it runs very smoothly so its not the power of my PC.

Please advice as I need a Stable Zwift. I dont need that crushing my sould feeling because I have forced myself into the garage to train and Zwift keeps freezing. 

My System: Model: HP ProBook 650 G1 - Windows 10 pro x64 = CPU I5-4200M 2.50GHz - 4GB Ram - SSD 240gb


I have the same problem. Close to 100 seamless rides on Zwift and then with nothing changing it freezes on me during my last 2 rides.

First freeze up was at 8km, and yesterday’s was at 42km.

Any ideas as to why?

Gd morning. My zwift is not responding properly. As soon as I get started it respond for a few seconds and then stop. It starts to annoy me cause I can’t train like I want to. Please help me fixed this problem please. Thanks

Problems here to.  I have been trying to do a re-install of Zwift this AM to see if I can solve some audio problems. As soon as I re-install, Zwift goes into an update mode that says it will take 200 minutes to complete.  Updates normally take no more than 5 minutes on my connection.