Zwift not responding mid ride

(Rolf Riley TABR'18) #1

Halfway through a workout Zwift stops responding but im able to save it. Then I ride the entire workout again and right at the end zwift stops responding again and this time fails to save the workout. ethernet connection to laptop, full 5 bar hi speed internet connection…I know i did this but…strava will probably never recover from the shock of not being able to inform the world of my sufferring lol!

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #2

Have a look for your .fit file:

Check the “Finding your local .fit file” section.

(Jason K) #3

Moved to tips and troubleshooting.

@Rolf: I had a look at your account, and I’m guessing your computer is either below or spec or on old drivers. Try updating from Intel using their auto-detect tool to see if it helps.