Zwift not usual...getting p*ssed now.

This happens in the evenings uk time . My internet is strong via ethernet cable.

Zwift logs me in through the launcher. Then it doesnt let me change the rider view.

Then having paired the cadence sensor it disappears.

Then 90% (not all) of th eother riders kits revert to the zwift basic kit and their names (not w/kg) disappear from the right handside list.

I see riders behind me but only flags, no names.

I continuously have to switch to imperial as zwift keeps resetting to metric even though my settings in the launcher and on zwift site are imperial.

I log out of launcher and re boot laptop.

The above repeats.

I’m fed up with this now. Zwift say its not thier servers but then what is it???

It seems ok in off peak times, but evenings just suck. Any sensible suggestions? I have updated windows and zwiftupdated within last two days.

Thanks. Sigh. :frowning:

We were using an older surplus office laptop and we had several issues but not as bad as yours. We put together a dedicated gaming computer just for Zwift and no more problems. Also the graphics are amazing. Old computer would refuse to pair, drop my cadence meter and occasionally post “No signal” banner over the program that was running in the background. I think the computer was not catching the ANT signals and not processing graphics correctly.