Problems getting going on Zwift

Over the last 24 hrs i just can get on and cycle any events. Zwift is recognising my speed and cadence sensor along with wahoo heart monitor but when i go to ride, the window to select sensor opens up and nothing shows. I have deleted the app a few times, switched the phone off a couple of time and nothing changes … i did get one messge traying this that there were issues connecting with zwift servers…i have checked my network / bluetooth and all keeps working. I have decided to try Rouvy this evening on a free trial and this worked a treat ???

Hi Phil, welcome to the forums. When you pair your devices on the initial pairing screen before loading into the Home screen, do you see speed and cadence values on the pairing boxes if you pedal while on that screen? Your network shouldn’t affect your avatar moving unless you are using the Companion App as a pairing bridge or if there’s a really high amount of wireless traffic that’s creating interference since the actual movement physics are done on your local device