Zwift not responding all evening on then off then on then off...

Any clue what is happening? Zwift logs me in i select ride then zwift stops responding, I log out , try again at least 5 times and each time th esame not responding issue. My connection is strong, via cable not wifi, all other web pages load quickly no problem i.e no bufferring on videos etc.

I updated windows, re booted, zwift responded, then stopped responding halfway through a ride and failed to save ride. This is becoming a regular problem.

I think ive done all i need to do this end to ensure its not my set up.

Lap top is i7 windows 7 7200 drive 8ram so all should be good.

Anything i need to try thta i havent mentioned? Or is this, as i suspect a problem with zwift tonight?

Yesterday (20:50 central european time) I had similiar problems.

When I went to log in I had a message qich said: ´"You´re logged in but no roads tu ride".