Zwift not responding Event 141 AppHangerB!

Hi is their anyone who can advise. Zwift was working fine but since late November early December its not responding.

My computer meets min requirements as advertised by Zwift and is only has 13hours runtime.

Assioma Duo power pedals Ticker HRM and a dumb turbo. All supported and had been working fine

Lots of “could be this or that” on the forum half of it I don’t understand how to action.

Would be good if I could just attach screen shots of what I have but no “paper clip” at the top of this to attach.

Thinkbroadband monitor is saying no lost packets and am connecting with cat5e to router

Has there been any updates late November/ December?

I suppose Trainer road is an option but so more interactive on Zwift :slight_smile: