Zwift Occasionally Doesn't Respond Mid-Ride, Ride Freezes for a Minute

Occasionally, I’m seeing that the ride session freezes, perhaps as long as a minute, before responding again - I haven’t ever lost data or been kicked out of the ride or session but over the course of today’s 100km ride it happened maybe 15 times

While I freeze it would appear normal ride activity continues for others like - when it continues again I am in the same position but other players have moved on some distance consistent with their progress

The current state of the beta otherwise is stable and impresses the hell out of me. Can’t wait for more features and official launch.

Is this a known issue, a common issue or can it be dismissed as a connectivity issue local to me?

I occasionally see this happen but for around 10-15 seconds.
It could be frustrating if you are on a ride with others or are trying to catch another rider as you lose the time stopped while others continue on.
I don’t know if it would be possible for the programme to put you in the place you would have been if it hadn’t froze, possibly using the p.c’s own clock for timing? I am no programmer so don’t knoiw if this is possible or not?