Frozen in mid-ride

On my last two rides (Thursday and Sunday) my screen froze a several times in mid-ride. As a result, I lost about a minute each time, as if I weren’t pedalling, so I lost contact with the group I was riding with. In other words, when the ride resumed it was if I had stopped pedalling.

Anyone else experience this?

@Francis_Wade5223 are you using Zwift on a PC or Mac? If so find your log files (Zwift -> Logs) and drop them in it may be you had a connection drop out from your sensors. There’s a way to get the log files on iOS but I’m not sure of the procedure for that.

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Not the problem appears on every single ride. I’m using Win 10.

  1. The screen pauses
  2. It goes pale and Zwift shows that its Not Responding in the top left corner
  3. When it resumes, cyclists ahead of me are riding into barriers on the left and right for a few seconds. When things stabilize, I have been dropped by 10 seconds at least by my group.
  4. More strange things happen like riders ahead of me suddenly being 10 seconds behind before returning to being ahead.

This has become a regular activity on every ride.


I am using a PC and it could be that the Network is dropping - several times in each ride. The log shows that there are problems but I’m not sure if they correlate with the issues I’m having.