Taking pictures on the Companion App

Does anyone find that this causes their main Zwift screen to freeze for a few seconds? Anyone know why or how to stop it?

Freeze is for a fraction of a second on my Windows laptop.

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This sounds OK. I am talking 5-10 seconds and it then seems to strip that time out of the elapsed time in the workout. Just trying to understand whether this is a WiFi related issue or something else.

That doesn’t sound right. I doubt it’s a wifi issue. What device are you running Zwift on?

Zwift on my laptop (Windows) and the Companion App on my iPhone. Any suggestions?

I have always figured the pause was to give the rider the opportunity to see the picture that has been recorded.

How powerful is your laptop? Are we talking photos of major events were there are many other riders or solo free rides?

Not sure on the spec of my laptop but I don’t always have this issue. Just seems to be a bit more frequently recently.

I had the issue doing a workout on my own this morning. I have also had the issue in a large group ride and I have found myself dropping more than 10 places when taking a photo. It feels to me like it is causing my ride to temporarily disconnect so just wondered whether there is a workaround or at least a root cause that people might be aware of.


I am using an Apple TV that is hardwired using a Powerline Network adapter. After doing a little testing I found my wifi signal was mostly very good, at an given moment it could be quite low. After using the network adapter it stopped the yo-yoing that I used to see in group rides. Occasionally, before the adapter I would get completely dropped from group rides. I still see infrequent lags from giving Ride on’s, taking a picture, or sending chat messages. This could be caused by network congestion at the ISP, other household members using bandwidth, or Zwift could be experiencing an unusually large demand.

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Another thing, the recent updates at least to the Mac version of Zwift are taking much longer to load on my older MacBook pro. It could be that more resources are, as of the last updates, being required to run.

Thank you for all your thoughts on this David. I’ll keep an eye on it and I may consider upgrading my laptop if the problem persists!

Cheers, A

Have you checked your HD space.

Put your log file in zwiftalizer.com and look at you fps. It might be that Zwift is running on the limit of your device spec

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Check to see if you have OneDrive installed, which could be trying to sync the screenshot as it is created and taking up network bandwidth and resources on your laptop.

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Looks like this matter may have been resolved by Zwift in today’s update…

“Fixed a bug that would cause frame rates to drop when taking a screenshot.”