18min and 11s freeze

On each and every ride, I experience a screen freeze at exaclty 18min and 11s after the start and it comes back normal (with no impact on the game), at 18min and 16s…
Anywone else experiencing this 5s freeze ?

18:11 means it’s the automatic screenshot that is taken with the activity. It shouldn’t take 5 seconds though!

Hah, interesting! For me it’s always precsely 5s!
A bit anoying

Yeah that would drive me nuts. For me it’s just a very brief flash. What are you running the game on? Is it older hardware?

FYI, this was reported and has been assigned a support ticket with the dev team. They are looking into it, however, this is the first time I’ve seen anyone report a 5 second freeze.

What are the specs of your device running Zwift @Nicolas_Laurentin ?

Hi Mike,
I use a recent PC (Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i 14")
And I run it under Windows 11.

Are you running OneDrive or some other cloud syncing software that is constantly backing up your Documents folders? If so, disable it before starting Zwift.

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I do use Onedrive. I’ll try to disable before next ride :ok_hand:

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