Auto photo causes big stutter

I thought i remembered it happening and then being fixed but couldn’t remember if i just noticed it and then stopped noticing it!

Has something changed on this or am I just noticing it now and before I didn’t but it is really noticeable on every ride at about 18:12

used to be 20 minutes and it would autotake a picture

yeah but i thought that got fixed but it happens every ride again now

That was another thing they specifically mentioned in update notes. Seems like they’ve rolled back the changes or missed them in some other way.

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Hi @Chris_Holton, are you only noticing this when auto screenshot happens or does it stutter when you take manual screenshots as well?

Good question! not too sure, i’ll test it tomorrow. Happens 18:12 every ride though.

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Me too, but its 18:11 everytime, and the screen stutters. every. time.

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I tried a manual screenshot and I don’t think it stuttered - it is a bit hard to tell as the whole screen flashes but I didn’t notice any stutter after the flash.

So i think it is just the auto screen shot.

It did used to do this a while ago, it got fixed in one of the updates but seems to have come back.

It definitely does cause the old FPS drop behaviour with a manual shot too. :+1:

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I experience this as well.

Thanks for all the detailed information. I was able to get a chance to try this out myself and did notice a stutter on the auto screenshot and passed the info on to the team to have a closer look at.

Not sure this is anything to do with this issue but not noticed until recently but I am getting a HUD photo and a clean photo saved to my laptop each time.

See this was an issue back in 2019/2020. Could it have anything to do with increase screen stutter time.

I recently changed over to running Zwift in Windowed Mode.

I only seem to be getting one photo saved.

Do you ride with the HUD off?

No I ride with HUD on. My Activity feed on CA shows 18 min 11sec screen shot with HUD but when I look at my Laptop Zwift file pictures I also see a clean , non HUD, picture. Not sure I saw this in the past but might not have been looking.

For every picture saved to my laptop I also have a ‘clean’ version where ‘clean’ is in the file name. (Same date and time as non clean version)

Should always get both.

I get added bonus of my clean version sometimes looking like this :rofl:

HUD version:

Yes that black screen was one of the 2018/2019/2020 issues.

Love how these two images are the same picture.

Yes black/blank had been widely reported for a while but I dont recall seeing a “very dark but still not blank” one before. I’ve no doubt that I’m not first however.

This is something that I flagged here. Hopefully it’ll get picked up/noticed and fixed on the next patch or June update :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Thanks John - missed your post in that Game Update post. Interestingly I didn’t click to upload the “remove the HUD” button but the few darkened pics I have (4) were after the 1.25 update. I’ll try and replicate and then open a new bug thread to avoid derailing this one any further, and ref your post.

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