Freeze in space and time on auto screenshot

On my last 3 rides, everything stopped for 45 seconds or so at a seemingly random point. First time it happened was in a race, then a group ride then today on a climb portal. It seems I was halted in space and time - when it came back I hadn’t moved, my elapsed time was pretty much the same and looking at the ride stats later there was no obvious glitch - but the rest of the world had moved on, so I got zapped from a leading group down to being solo and a minute or so down with no warning. It seemed random - until I realised that every occasion linked to the auto screenshots displayed at the end of the ride.
So - is it just me? Or is anyone else getting this rather limiting problem?
Windows 10, ANT+ connections, latest Zwift update.

What are the specs for the PC? If you have the video screenshots feature enabled in settings, try it with that disabled.

It’s not the newest laptop (5th gen i7 + AMD Radeon graphics) but never had the problem before in 3+ years of using it. And no, good suggestion but video isn’t enabled.