Occasional Screen Flicker - suspicious it's the previous "unlock banner bug"

So, I’ve been riding lately and noticing an intermittent but regular “flash” on the screen. I figured it was just a random graphical bug but have focused on it the last few rides…and… I’m almost positive it’s this:

…except it disappears after, like, one single frame.

It seems like whatever the “fix” was, the underlying cause may still be there the patch just hides or dismisses the banner again.

Systems are an updated ATV4K 2022, and updated Companion app for Android. I have a long-since completed challenge selected.

Anyone else notice the flicker? I’m loathe to hook up a video capture device just to prove my point but it may come to that.

I notice this, also. My guess, though, is that it’s actually related to the auto-photo and video tasks happening during a ride. It’s exceptionally annoying. (The ‘Connection Unstable’ message seems to be related to this, also, though I suspect it’s just the auto-video task, as the issue started around the time that was introduced.)

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I’ve noticed that for a long while, at least a year. It’s only a couple of times in an hour long ride (Apple TV). Also assumed it was an auto-photo being taken but I have that turned off so no way to know.

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I’ve also noticed this (on iPad) and assumed it was connected to the auto-photo being taken. I recall once reading that the first auto-photo gets taken at approx. 17 minutes into every ride, and this usually lines up with when I notice the screen flicker.

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Quick update - during my ride last night, I took noticed the screen flicker just before the timer hit 18 minutes, and lo and behold when I ended my ride there was an auto-photo taken at that exact time.