Zwift Crash when photos taken - PC

I’ve been using zwift for c6 years with no problems. Since the last update zwift crashes each time a photo is taken – whether this is automatically by the program or when F10 / photo button in companion app is pressed. I’m running this on Windows 11, have tried uninstalling / reinstalling but nothing will stop it crashing. I’m getting very fed up of getting to the earlier of c16 minutes (when an auto photo is taken) / a pb through a banner / end of group ride – basically any time a photo is taken as it freezes and Zwift exits. Over the last week I’ve accumulated loads of 10m1s rides in companion app – the last time the ride is saved there. I’ve seen there is a similar issue on Apple TV but can’t see anything PC related. It’s extremely frustrating and essentially made it unusable – its’ not much fun starting a new ride every 15 minutes.

Any ideas on what I could do to try to fix this?

What version of Zwift are you running?

Can’t be behind current on PC, not without trying anyway.

yes, I can’t remember which it is 1.3.00 (at work now) but it’s the latest that installed last week. Was no choice in it…